This Isn’t My Day Job – and why that matters to you.

mtwhiteDESIGNS isn’t my day job. Some small start ups will not tell you that. They would rather you think of them as a large group of people working non-stop on just their work for you, the client. Well, in this instance, that just isn’t true. I do work diligently on your website, logo, marketing copy, etc., if you decide to give me your business. But know that I will work at nights and on the weekend to accomplish your desires.

How does this benefit you?

Simple, I do not need to charge what the larger firms charge. I do not have the overhead or the office rent or the payroll taxes. The list goes on. Don’t get me wrong, I do have people at my disposal should I need a skill or talent I do not process. I have developers, graphic artists, SEO specialists and more on my speed dial. What to know something else? They also work as I do, somewhere else during the day that “pays the bills”. They can also charge lower prices because they aren’t trying to pay their mortgage off of your logo design.

Need something within a few hours? I’m probably not your guy. But if you need a website in 7 days and don’t mind talking after 5 or via email. Call me. Let’s work together.

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